Thursday, September 3, 2015

CfLI looking for student Wisconsin Experience Grant committee members

The Center for Leadership & Involvement is looking for interested students to participate as committee members for the Wisconsin Experience Grant. The committee meets bi-weekly to deliberate on submitted applications for funding from registered student organizations. The grant awards these funds to student organizations for events that support the components of the Wisconsin Experience.

Committee members are responsible for reviewing submitted applications following each application deadline (the 1st and 15th of each month during the academic year). The committee then meets to discuss the merits of each grant application and determine which organizations receive funding based on the grant’s requirements. The committee will meet on Wednesdays between 3:00pm and 4:30pm in the Red Gym (716 Langdon Street), with the first meeting being on Wednesday, September 16. The total time commitment is approximately 6 hours (3 hours of meetings and up to 3 hours of application review) per month.

Committee membership offers:
  • The opportunity to gain experience with a grant process and learn more about funding decisions.
  • A unique experience in enhancing how a student understands the Wisconsin Experience. The Wisconsin Experience describes what's unique about getting a degree from UW–Madison — together, we create and apply learning inside and outside the classroom to make the world a better place.
  • The opportunity to support Registered Student Organizations in their pursuit of the Wisconsin Experience.

If any currently enrolled UW-Madison student (undergraduate or graduate/professional) is interested in the Wisconsin Experience Grant Committee Member Position please email a resume and cover letter explaining interest in the committee to: Katie Robiadek, Wisconsin Experience Grant Administrator:  

Applications are due by Friday, September 11 by 6:00pm

L&S Honors Advising Team Update

L&S Honors Advising Team Update

The L&S Honors Program Advising Team is looking forward to working with all Honors students over the coming year. We specialize in helping Honors students navigate the many opportunities and challenges that occur along the journey to graduation, reflect on their experiences and develop plans to meet goals. As has been the case in previous years, the Advising Team is made up of Peer Advisors and Academic Advisors. We will be offering appointments, drop-in advising and responding to your questions via email throughout the school year. Interested in connecting with an academic advisor or learning more about our services? See our website.

At the end of last school year Jon Iftikar, who had been an L&S Honors Advisor for two years, left the Honors Program to complete his dissertation and PhD. Many of you have met and been advised by Jon over this time period and, like the Advising Team, I’m sure that you appreciated and will miss his caring nature, sense of humor and sage advise. We wish Jon well as he works to complete his degree! Be sure to say hello and thank you to him when you see him on campus.

Nick Strohl, a graduate student in History and Education Policy Studies, joined the L&S Honors Advising Team in late May. Nick is an experienced educator and has hit the ground running in his new position, already confidently communicating various requirements and opportunities to incoming Honors students during summer SOAR. To read more about Nick’s background, hobbies and interests, check out Nick's Bio and say hello to him next time you’re in the Washburn Observatory. We’re all thrill to have him join the team.

Our three Honors Peer Advisors, Louisa, Marie and Caitlin, will be staffing many drop-in shifts, working at various events and answering your emails and phone calls alongside the Academic Advisors this school year. They have different backgrounds, interests and goals for the future, but they are united in their love for coffee and helping other Honors students get their questions answered.

The L&S Honors Program Advising Team wishes you well as the school year gets underway. We will look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in the coming weeks and months.

Check out the new method for scheduling appointments!

Want To Meet With an L&S Honors Advisor? New Method for Scheduling an Appointment

For many years, Honors students have scheduled appointments with Honors advisors by calling the Honors Office in the Washburn Observatory. Starting fall 2015, students will be able to schedule advising appointments with Honors advisors via the web 24/7 using a tool called the Scheduling Assistant.

Why the change?
We hope that this new method will prove more convenient than calling to schedule an appointment, both because students will now be able to schedule appointments outside of business hours and because they won’t have to leave a message and wait for a call-back if the line was busy when the student called. The Scheduling Assistant tool also sends an automatic email reminder as the appointment approaches, which should help students remember their advising appointments.

So how exactly do I schedule an advising appointment online?
Simply visit this page to find links Jacqui, Colin and Nick’s calendars. Select an advisor that you would like to meet with, open that person’s availability calendar and select a time that works for you. You will be prompted to enter some information, such as what you would like to talk with an advisor about, in the process of booking the appointment.

What about drop-ins? Are those still available?
Yes, drop-in advising will still be available in the fall semester, both with the three academic advisors (Jacqui, Colin and Nick) and the three peer advisors (Marie, Louisa and Caitlin). To see drop-in hours, click HERE. All drop-ins are held in Washburn Observatory unless otherwise noted. We recommend meeting with a peer advisor if you are a first or second-year student interested in discussing course selection, approaches to completing homework assignments, managing your time or getting involved outside of the classroom. Please see an academic advisor if you need a form signed, would like to discuss a policy or an exception to a policy, or if you have a personal situation that is interfering with your ability to succeed in your classes.

I prefer calling to schedule appointments. Is that still okay?
No, unfortunately we’re no longer taking appointments via phone. Please use the Scheduling Assistant and if you would like assistance learning to use it, consider stopping into drop-ins so that we can help familiarize you with the tool.

I tried to schedule an appointment using the tool, but the advisor isn’t free when I would like to meet. Why is that? What should I do?
Most of the Honors advisors work part- time for the Program and, as such, aren’t available all day, every day for appointments. We recommend checking the calendar of another advisor to see if (s)he is available at the time when you are free or checking back in a few days – new appointment slots are opened almost daily.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Questions about Honors Regalia?

Where do I get my stole? 
To be recognized as an Honors candidate at the Saturday Commencement Ceremony, you should wear the Honors stole (white with three cardinal bars) with your cap and gown.  Your name will be on a list at the University Bookstore where you will be able to pick up your academic regalia. Students on that list can pick up the Honors stole (the white stole with three cardinal bars) to wear with their cap and gown. A deposit is required to pick up the stole.

Which stole do I wear? 
If you are graduating both with an Honors degree and with Distinction, you should wear the Honors stole (white with cardinal bars), not the Distinction stole (solid cardinal red). The Honors degree is the higher "honor," so that is the appropriate stole to wear!

We hope to see all graduates today, Friday, May 15, at the L&S Honors Program Commencement Ceremony at the Gordon Dining and Events Center!

The program runs from 3:30-5 PM, but come early to get a picture with Bucky! He’ll be in attendance from 3-3:45 PM. Please arrive no later than 3:45 PM to be recognized by name in the procession. Registration is not required to attend. Light refreshments will be served. Regalia (cap, gown, etc.) are not necessary for the Friday Honors reception.